As early as I can remember, playing dress up and getting into my Mom's makeup captivated me. By the time I was 13 years old I had started buying Vogue magazine with babysitting money. Experimenting with makeup followed me into my 20s when I worked in the cosmetics industry for Christian Dior, Lancome, and Clinique. Today, it's hard to leave Sephora/Blue Mercury/Cos Bar without a bag full of the latest goodies. In addition to a lifelong interest in the beauty industry, photography has been a constant source of joy.

These interests have lead me to where I am now - behind the camera photographing amazing women who want to experience the glamour and styling of a supermodel photo shoot in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Come join me and let's create images that highlight your beauty and joy. Let me and my beauty team treat you like a supermodel, then I'll show you the most gorgeous images you've ever seen of yourself.

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I hope you're excited about all the possibilities for your photo shoot. Please complete this form to schedule your free no-obligation consult call with me. During the call I will explain how the photo shoot works, what's included in your $290 session fee, and tell you about my finished products for sale. Once we've talked, and you've told me how you want to be photographed, we will select a date and time for your photo shoot. Finally, I'll send you copies of all the information we talked about and some great tips on how to prepare for your shoot.

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